LST Concerts West

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About Us

LST Concerts West are a family run business that actually takes time and cares about the clients requirements as well as the artistes needs. We endeavor to make all parties pleased with the outcome. Which, naturally, should be a successful event!

Having been in the industry for over thirty years we have the experience and know how to find what you are looking for. Whether it be a Take That tribute band, a topline comedian or an international speciality act. We have access to the full spectrum of entertainment.

We also sole manage Lewis Gates - ELVIS Up Close & In Person.

He is our only managed artiste, and the reason for this is because we feel we would rather manage one artiste properly rather than several in an improper way. Plus, of course, Lewis Gates has been the No.1 Elvis Tribute Act in the UK for the last fifteen years. Constantly wowing audiences worldwide at a level unheard of in Great Britain.

So in conclusion, your guarantee is a Gow Family Business!