The Music You Are Listening To Is A Selection Of Our Tribute Artistes

  • Michael Buble2:10
  • Elton John Medley A3:21
  • Lady GaGa Medley1:23
  • Elvis Medley A0:54
  • Bruno Mars Medley1:11
  • Neil Diamond Medley0:33
  • Abba Medley1:43
  • Tom Jones Medley0:43
  • Take That Medley2:00
  • T Rex2:10
  • Queen0:52
  • Jersey Boys by.......0:27
  • Back In Black3:04
  • Rod Stewart1:01
  • Robbie Williams Medley1:27
  • Tina Turner Medley0:52

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Sat & Sun  Closed

Ever since the early 90s

when "Stars In Their Eyes" exploded onto our screens. Solo Tribute Acts have been heavy in demand. Here at CW we only ever book the very elite of Solo Tributes. We have either worked with or seen all of them!

Lewis Gates is one of only four EXACT Elvis Soundalikes in the world! In a 30+ year career he has travelled the globe mesmerising audiences with his vocal accuracy. He now brings us his new show ELVIS - Up Close & In Person

Lightning Strikes Twice.......With All Our Tributes!!!!

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This Months Featured Tribute

Anthony Edwards as

Michael Jackson

In the world of pop and

rock music there are many

legends. The tribute bands

to the legendary icons are

fast becoming legendary

themselves. Here at CW we only book the absolute

best in the business!

In nearly all cases the

similarity to the original

iconic bands is stunning.

Both vocally, musically and visually!