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Lewis Gates has officially retired from touring. He will be concentrating on recording new albums.

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Over5000 Shows Cant Be Wrong!

ELVIS UNPLUGGED is very laid back accoustic tribute to the King. Lewis introduces us to Benjamin and James, the drummer and guitarist from The RCA Band and sets the scene with accoustic versions of the songs we all love. This show is ideal for restaurants, hotels or weddings as your guests are arriving perhaps.

Lewis' vocal range is the exact same four octave vocal range that the King once had. This means he can sing all the 800+ songs that Elvis did and they would all sound exactly like the King. Here at CW we have done our homework and there are only approximately 3 or 4 people in the world with this gift. Lewis is in excellent company indeed! And we have him here in the UK.

In showbiz the mark of a superb entertainer is not just the talent but the consistencey of performance through the years. Lewis has been consistantly knocking audiences dead every year for decades!

Elvis,Up Close & In Person - Brings you the very essence of the King.

Lewis captures all the traits of the great man that others seem to miss. The little one liners and tongue in cheek comments. He also brings small anecdotes about the songs he's singing and about Elvis' life. Its as if Lewis has invited you into his living room and singing just to you!

Lewis Gates has been entertaining worldwide for more than three decades! He has appeared in theater shows such as 'ELVIS- In Concert', 'Vegas Nights - live' and 'Star Spangled Express' and 'The Voice Of Elvis Show'

He has headlined at prestigious venues such as  The Cannes Film Festival, The Dorchester Hotel, Planet Hollywood, The London Hippodrome and Legends in Nashville!

He has entertained celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Princess Diana, Robbie Williams and the Legendary rock band Queen!

In 2018 Lewis had to retire from touring due to ill health. However he is still recording new albums which are available on the merchandise page of this website.


  • (1977) HURT...1977 style1:46
  • (1975) MY BOY...1975 style3:17
  • (1973) PROMISED LAND... 1973 style1:51
  • (1972) SEPARATE WAYS2:35
  • (1971) I'M LEAVIN'...1971 style3:41
  • (1969) SUSPICIOUS MINDS...1969 style3:04
  • (1967) MINE...1967 style2:36
  • (1962) RETURN TO SENDER...1962 style1:56
  • (1960) POCKETFUL OF RAINBOWS...1960 style2:25
  • (1960) GI BLUES...1960 style2:37
  • (1958) DONT ASK ME WHY...1958 style2:07
  • Teddy Bear1:46
  • (1956) LOVE ME...1956 style2:50
  • (1955) THATS ALRIGHT MAMA...1955 style2:05
  • (1954) MY HAPPINESS...1954 style1:18

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